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Lash care

10 commandments for awesome lashes

I Thou shall keep the new eyelash extension dry for the next 24 hours
II Thou shall avoid long hot showers and steamy saunas after the eyelash extension is applied
III Thou shall keep one's eyelash extension away from cosmetic products that contain oil
IV Thou shall not use a cotton make up pad to clean lashes for the cotton fibre may damage the eyelash extensions
V Thou shall avoid tugging and getting eyelash extension caught on towels or cloths
VI Thou shall not perm, curl or tint one's eyelash extensions
VII Thou shall not use a water proof mascara for one must use an oil base cleanser to clean it off
VIII Should mascara ever be required, one must use a special formulated mascara designed for eyelash extensions
IX Thou shall not PANIC when a few eyelash extensions fall out. Due to the cycle of the natural lashes, eyelash extensions will shed and thin out over time
X Thou shall love and cherish thou new eyelash extensions and take them back for refill every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking beautiful and full